Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Nine

Nubs has decided he wants nothing to do with his antibiotics and now is spitting them back out at me after I give them to him. I took four tries this time to get him to take the pill, 2 times I thought he had swallowed said pill, only to find it on the floor when he walked away. 3 more dosages and I'm done.

His knee has healed up very nicely. All in all we've only lost one staple. Not bad at all.

His fur is already growing back in nicely on his rear leg and while the knee itself looks swollen. he's nor really favoring it at all.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Capturer

Here's a tail of the bored Nubs.

He had been caged up for 5 whole days now, and every minuet of every hour that passed was like sitting on pins and needles. He just couldn't take it any longer. He whimpered, moaned, and groaned despite the protest of his capturers trying the hardest he could to get their attentions.

"Maybe they forgot about me" he thought to himself as he started to shake the prisons door. "HHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!" He cried out, but was instantly quieted when the wall of his prison cell shook with vengeance.

"Be Quite! ENOUGH!!!" said his capturer.

Nubs curled up on his fluffy bed and let out the most pitiful sigh ever. He just couldn't understand why he was stuck in this cell. He began to itch his knee where his captures had done some sort of horrible experiment on him when out of know where his prison door opened...

"NUBS! LLLLLLEEEEEAAAAVVVVVEEEEE IT! Dude, why in the world are you being such a BRAT tonight?!?" his capturer walked away

"SUCCESSS!!!!!!" Nubs thought as he bolted out of his prison cell.

Nubs stopped to stretch his legs out and made a mad dash to the door.

"Noooo! Foiled again!!!" Nubs cried out when he saw that his only means of escape was blocked off.

"Nubs, what are you doing? I go to grab you food and this is how you repay me? Cage NOW!"

"That's it" Nubs thought to himself "I'm going to fight back!" Nubs sat down and faced his capturer...

"You will NOT put me back in that cage woman! You will let me be free, and you WILL PLAY WITH ME!"

His capture still kept coming at him and Nubs finally pulled out his secret weapon, EVIL EYES!

I Said YOU WILL PLAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!

"NOOOOOOO!" Nubs cried as he was placed back in his prison cell.

Nubs had given up for the moment. Laying down in his bed thinking about his next move. Soon he would escape his cell for good and go on a nice long walk around his neighborhood or in the forest... yes he would, soon...

The End....

I'll say it for everyone, POOR NUBS!

Day 5 and 6

Nubs knee is looking so much better these past couple of days. Most of the bruising is now gone, and all is left is some swelling of his knee. Today (day 6) has been the best day for him yet. I keep having to put him in his crate for refusing to lay still. He really just wants to play. He has even tried playing tug with his leash while we are out side, which is to say really annoying when it's 20 degrees outside + wind chill.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day Four, and it keeps getting better!

Today is day four and Nubs is really improving. His knee is really healing up well as now he has started to chew on his staples a little bit more. Nothing major still no cone of shame, but if he starts getting more interested in it, I be putting one on him.

Swelling has really gone down alone with the bruising. His hair is even growing back . He's really starting to use that back leg for walking, but still doesn't like to stand using it. I'm happy with how things are going so far and am shocked for it only being 4 days and already he's doing so much better.

"Not the camera again! Geeze!"


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day Three

Today is better then yesterday. It seems the ACE has done it's job today because Nubs is just completely relaxed, not a care in the world. He's made his bed in front of the heater today and all is well.

The bruising from last night has gotten darker, but Nubs doesn't seem bothered too much by his knee. I can tell when the Pain meds has started to wear off because he'll start licking the stitches, not enough to cause an issue with them, but enough that I catch him. No e-collar yet.

I can't help but think that I've raised my dog well or I just have a sissy dog that doesn't like the cold. Potty breaks have been sort, to the point and then a mad dash inside (while I'm attempting to slow him down and being dragged across the snow) Nothing stops this dog.

And the Bruising Starts

Poor Nubs. Today he was actually awake and alert and nothing could knock him out. He's still eating like a champ, pottying and even trying to use that leg, so all is well.

Tonight when I came home from work I noticed his leg started to bruise up badly. Poor guy is black and blue like he was just hit by a truck or something. I'm keeping an eye on it just to be safe, he seems to be OK, but it's unnerving to see your dogs leg bruise so much.

He's so bored already and it's only day 2 since surgery. It's going to be a LONG few months...

Dec. 28th is the day set to have his staples removed. He'll be looking better before the new year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

And He's HOME!

Sorry that it's taken me all day to post about Nubs. I only had an hour after I brought him home before I had to be at work.

I can't believe how well Nubs is doing even from the start. Before I even talk to the Vet himself the Vet Techs are talking about how great of a dog Nubs is and how sweet he was. I guess he made a few more fans at the Vets office. Nubs of course comes out of the kennels with a smile on his face and a wag in his step. You can tell he's not feeling 100% but he's still him and still just wanting all love. When he walked into the house the first thing he did was head to his food dish. So he's already ate today and even took a poop which are things that I wasn't to expect for a few days. I was also told by the vet not to expect him to even try to use his back leg for maybe as long as 3 weeks, yet he's already trying to use it and even puts a little weight on it. Amazing!

So Today Nubs is looking great. I spent the night sitting on the couch with him on the floor next to me just cuddling. He's being spoiled rotten, and is loving every second of it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today was S-Day...

So Today was Surgery day for Nubs and when I called at 5pm, he was out of surgery and doing well.

I'll post photos and more tomorrow. Thank you all for everything!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Less then 3 days...

Until Nubs goes in for surgery and I'm starting to get worried. I HATE having to put a dog under for anything, one of my biggest fears is loosing a dog under anesthesia. I know I'm a worry wart but still, it's a valid worry.

I'm glad he is getting his surgery done this month though. His limping is increasing everyday. Poor guy has such cabin fever it's sad. He's not meant to be a couch dog. I really hope that after his knee heals that he can go back being the wonder, hyper active, loving dog that he is. I have a few ideas to want to start doing once his knee is healed and I hope he takes to it.

I would like to thank everyone who helped get Nubs his surgery done. We couldn't have done it without you.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Big, Brave Nubs

Ahh... Nubs reminded me of an event a few days back that had my laughing my behind off for a while. It was Nubs's first encounter with the neighborhood cats. Well lets just say it went differently then I ever thought it would have.


Now Nubs and the cats have a love/hate relationship. Nubs loves them and tries to play with them and the cats hate him. Although they now seem to have a fun time teasing Nubs. If they only knew that my fence is more for show then to actually keep him in the yard, I bet they wouldn't tease him!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lure Coursing, the Photos...

It took me a full week to get through all the photos from the Weight Pull/Dog Show/ Lure Course. I took that many photos (just shy of 400 photos)

Nubs did his first (and last) Lure course last weekend, in which he did MUCH better then I ever thought he would. Nubs doesn't seem to have much of a prey drive, so when he took off after the lure, I was SHOCKED! He ran the whole track happy as can be (Not sure if he was happy to be chasing the lure or just to be able to be free of his crate).

Now this is where he ended up tearing his ACL. Didn't stop him from still chasing the lure, but you could tell where he tore it.

(Photos taken by my friend Amanda. THANKS!!!!!!)
IMG_9468-12 copy

This is about where he tore his ACL. Still didn't stop him

Slowing down (after he tore his ACL, yet still wanting to catch that lure)

Post ACL tear: Keeping a close eye on that Lure, but heading back to me.

No clue if he would have gotten a pass on his aptitude test, but if he didn't hurt himself I think he would have no questions asked.

At least he enjoyed himself. Thats all that matters right?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Todays Post is Brought to you by the Letters A, C, and L

Official word: Nubs has an almost completely torn ACL. Surgery is looking at around $700 (Which is half of what I was expecting).

He ended up tearing more of it this weekend when we did a lure course. Nubs did wonderfully but about 3/4ths of the way through he started limping and I ended up pulling him out of the weight pull because of how bad the limp was.

He did however on Saturday pull 3612lbs and is now a UWPCH! I'm so proud of my boy, but this means we are out for the rest of the year and a good chunk of next of anything "fun".

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nubs Says:

Hey You!
Yeah you!

Wish me good luck this weekend for some good big pulls! Send me all your strength waves and wishes waves, I'm going for my championship this weekend!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weight Pull Results

So it wasn't the greatest day out, but not horrible at all. Nubs did well for his first outside weight pull and pulled 1,570lbs and took 1st in his weight class. He's done a lot more on a cart pull in the past (around 1740lbs back in March) but we had a lot of green dogs (Dogs that were new to weight pulling or dogs that never pull very well) so instead of doing the normal 5 or 6 blocks in weight, we did half 3 blocks. Nubs had to pull twice as much to get his normal pulls and just tired out from the experience quickly. It's a lot on a dog when your in a new environment.



A special thanks to my friend Lindsay who surprised me by taking these photos! Thank you SOOOOO much!!

Next stop: CENTERVILLE! Oct 10th... 15points to his Championship!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caption This: What is Nubs Thinking??

Thank you all for visiting the blog over time, and thanks for all the support!

I want to hear your thoughts (Please keep it G!) "What is Nubs thinking?"


Comments should be open to everyone even if you don't have an account with Google or Blogspot!

Another weight pulling event this weekend, sadly I have to work on Saturday so we are only going on Sunday. Stay tuned for an update early next week!!! (And wish us lots of luck!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weight Pulling brings out Nubs's evil side...

And here is the picture to prove it!

This was taken by the Jamie from the All American Bulldog Club Or on Facebook from the last pull and I just love it. I think at least 75% of all photos taken of Nubs pulling looks like he is possessed. Here he is again earlier in the year at the Michigan Classic:

Photos taken by Amanda of Wolf Moon Kennels

I find it amusing that the sweetest dog I have ever met happens to look the most evil when he's working his hardest.

One time I'll get a good photo of that boy pulling... one day...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally, back in the chute!

Ahhh... Nothing is better then being back in the chute and being around good friends. This weekend was GREAT! It was a smaller weight pull which means it's done very quickly (3 or 4 hours) and the dogs seem to do better with less hustle and bustle.

This weekends track was a cart pull on a carpet on top of rubber mats. Ever put a cart on a rubber mat and watch as the cart sinks into the rubber because of the weight? Yeah, When you are watching the Grand Champion class (These dogs know how to pull and pull BIG weights) start struggling at just over 2,500lbs of weight, You know your in trouble (for Nubs to get full points he would have had to pull just over 2,300lbs or 35x his body weight).

Ever try getting a dog out of bed at 6am? Yeah, Nubs is NOT a morning dog and it took me 15min just to get his behind off the couch and out the door. We are out the door by 7am, and on the highway by 7:25am to be at the weight pull at 9am.

Pull up to the event and already the parking lot is packed. There is a dog show and weight pull going on, and the weight pull starts later then the dog show. I get Nubs weighed in (67 Pounds! Biggest he has been ever!), get everything set up and then just wait to see how things go. I find out that today, there is only one other dog in the 70lb weight class, another APBT named Bull. Knowing Bull's past pulls, I know it's going to be an easy day.

Grand Class is up first. These are the BIG dogs that pull huge amounts of weight. The best of the best, and I do mean best of the best. These dogs are in the top dogs in the country for the year in weight pulling. I'm lucky enough to be around these trainers, and to sponge up the knowledge which they are more then willing to hand out (rather you want it or not). We get up to about 2,500 pounds when the grand class starts dropping out like flies. At that point I lean over to my mentor and say "Well, doesn't look like anyone is going to get their 20 points on this track!"

Now we are up. Nubs is 45 points shy of his UWPCH, so I was hoping to get 40 of those points at least this weekend. After watching the best of the best foul out at such a low weight, I kiss that thought good bye. I even kissed the thought of 30points since Nubs was green after 3 months of rest.

There are 3 dogs that are still pulling at 1520lbs, Nubs, Bull and Ryker, all 3 APBTs. All three complete the pull and now we are up to 1680. Not one of them could do the pull. Nubs tried his hardest, he was not going to give up but just couldn't get the cart to unstick. We ended up taking 1st place out of the two dogs, because Nubs weighs 1lb less then Bull did. It either goes by who pulled the fastest or by who weights less, so either way Nubs would have won.
IMG_8707-3 copy
Bull Pulling

After the pull, Nubs and I take off with a good friend and her APBT Ryker and head out to do some shopping at her local pet store. I had warned her of Nubs's ability to attract everyone in the store, and sure enough, Nubs was swarmed not long after we get into the store. I almost ended up bringing home another rescue. She wouldn't let go of Nubs's neck! She was about 8 years old, and had fallen hard for Nubs (and Nubs for her). She just wrapped her arms around Nubs's neck and kisses him all over and Nubs was more then happy to return the favor. *sighs* one day I'll make it out of a store in under an hour, and spending less then $100...

More people show up today so now there are 4 dogs in the 70lb weight class. Nubs is in the ZONE. Nubs stresses out pretty badly, but finally he is completely relaxed and just enjoying laying in his crate.

It's the same as the day before with the grand class fouling out starting around 2,500lbs. We start pulling and Nubs is doing GREAT! 1360lbs pulled and it was still really easy for Nubs (Before this day, his last Cart pull was 1,920lbs and he was in good shape at the time, but newer to pulling) so I decided to skip the next weight and let him relax for a bit. Normally a GREAT choice because that would have been his 15 point pull, but on Saturday that was the weight all the dogs fouled out on. I wasn't thinking about that until after I had told the judge about the pass. All well, lets see how he does.

Nubs is completely relaxed and excited to pull. We walk up there, put him on the cart, and he starts pulling and does it with EASE! I'm stoked, Nubs is having fun, and pulling with ease then BAM! someone slams a door. Nubs looks back at the noise while I stand up to back up. Nubs turns his head back toward where I was, doesn't see me and STOPS PULLING! I grab his attention again but it's too late, the cart had stopped moving... 1 FOOT FROM THE FINISH LINE!

Nubs is mad at me for "leaving him" and is done. No more for him. I take the foul, relax for 5 minuets then try the pull again, and while he tries to pull, you can tell his heart isn't into it anymore and we are done.

Officially he took second place with 1,360lbs. I say he pulled 1,680lbs since he really did. It wouldn't have changed the outcome of placement, only points, so Nubs pulled 1,520lbs and 1,680lbs for a 1st and 2nd place finish! Not bad for a dog that has been pulling for less then a year!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Menace? Nubs?

The comic says it all....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"What a well behaved dog you have"

Well, things have been really quiet around here as of late. I'm working 21 days + straight so not much going to happen for a bit.

One thing I've always seem to encounter while out with Nubs is the person that says "Oh what a well behaved dog you have". I never understand why people say this since I'm half of the time embarrassed to even have Nubs out and about. I swear it's that aura that he has. It just brings people's shields down so that when he's ready, BAM! He can catch you off guard and kiss you to death.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Oh July 17th, There was an event in a near by town called Woofstock :

The event is rather large, lots of dogs around, lots of people, and lots of good stuff going on to help the local spca and other rescues in the area.

For $5 you could have a professional photo shoot done with you and your dog, and I said "Why not?!?" Nubs was a HUGE hit among the women of the booth. They wanted to dress him up with so many different things, and it was just too hot for most of the stuff for him to put on (like a wig).

I finally got the photo in the email today and I MUST share it with everyone.

Overall the day was wonderful. Talked to many people who were scared of the breed, and many of those ended up loving on Nubs by the time we are done talking to them. I can't pass up opportunities to show people the breed and events like this one, just allow us to touch that many more lives. My only wishes were that it was a lot cooler (it was like 88 out that day) and we could have stayed there longer then an hour.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rain Rain, Stay Away!

Ok, so it's not been quite a week yet, but with the reviews I've gotten from the last one, I've decided to be a few days early.

I have to say this has been the rainiest summer that I can remember. Severest by far. We had 2 tornadoes hit the city this summer, the last one to hit the city was over 30 years ago, that's how crazy its been.

With Nubs still being on "R&R" (that leg never got better *Sighs*) walks have already been down to not much, and then add the rain onto it... well... I gave up... I grabbed my umbrella and decided to brave the elements...


Remind me next time to grab a rain coat instead!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Comics?

So I'm going to try something new. I'm going to try to post weekly comic strips of Nubs and his antics. I can't draw worth of anything, but I think you'll get the point.

Nubs is a very overzealous dog when it comes to anything. I do mean anything. IF you ask him to sit, I hope your floor can handle the g-forces behind his rump hitting that floor. Ask him to jump, better make sure you don't have a low ceiling. As him to come... and well you can see what happens...

Training Nubs:

Gotta love him!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot day? No Problem!

Ahh summer! I love this time of year except for days like today. It was in the mid 90's with 90% humidity and no wind. Talk about a day where even walking outside your door causes you to break out in a sweat. A morning walk was out of the question since I've been pretty sick with a head cold so about noon I decided to load Nubs up in the car and drive him over to the river.

Now Nubs isn't a water dog at all. For the longest time getting him to go past his knees was impossible. Even me out in the middle of the river wouldn't bring him out where his tummy touched the water. On top of this Nubs HATE retrieving. He'll chase the item in question but won't normally pick it up and forget bringing it back to you. If your lucky enough for him to grab the item He'll walk 3 ft with it, drop it and then head back to you with his big grin and a wag in his step.

The last time I took Nubs out he started retrieving with a stick in the water, and I started to toss it out further and further each time until it was just to the point where he had to have his whole body in the water to get his stick. We stopped at that point and called it a day (you know always end it on a good note). I don't think I'll ever have a Dock Diving Dog, but I will at least have a dog that enjoys water :)

AHHH! It's the headless Pit bull!!!!!!
071510 005

Oh wait never mind
071510 006

"I'm having so much fun!"
071510 008

Resting for a bit (He has a thing for Picnic Tables)
071510 013

Can you find the Pit Bull?
071510 014

There he is!
071510 017

And videos! Please ignore my annoying high pitched voice. I always use it when I'm encouraging Nubs to do something. It's a bit annoying for Humans but he loves it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nubs Finds a New Toy!

So It's been a while since I last updated, but there hasn't been much going on since Nubs went on rest. No weight pulls, no dog activities, nothing fun at all. Mostly we've been working on loose leash walking (Something that even after 2 1/2 years he's not the greatest at but is MUCH better now then 3 months ago) and doing refreshers on commands.

"Commands? I am NOT amused!"
Picture 004

Just before Nubs went on bed rest, my Boyfriend ended up buying a small flashlight that had a lazer pointer on it and decided to try it on Nubs (with caution because of know OCD issues that lazers cause in dogs) and he just LOVED it.

Not much else to report on. Nubs sends his love to everyone and a reminder to give your pets a hug!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nubs and the Nephew and an Update on his leg

You know they say Pit Bulls and kids do not mix, but for anyone who owns a Pit Bull and has children or has children around you know the truth. When properly trained and watched, both are GREAT together, just like any other dog breed in the world. All dogs should be watched like hawks around kids for safety concerns, no matter the breed. That being said and all, let me introduce my nephew JD.

JD is 16 months old and a little devil like most kids his age are. He's very sweet, loves to give hung and LOVES Nubs and his Aunt. His eyes light up, he starts to squeal, and claps his hands when ever he see's Nubs or myself walk into my Parents house.
IMG_7616-1 copy

That day my Dad picked up a battery powered car for JD, and we were teaching him how to drive it around the yard. He finally got pushing down the gas to make it go, but still couldn't understand how to turn the week to drive it around.

JD LOVES Nubs to death, I have a feeling as he get's older, they will be best friends when JD is visiting my parents house. Already he tries to come over to my house (I live behind my parents house) when he first stops in before he goes over to their house.

"Hi Doggy!"

"No Kissies!!!"

No, JD doesn't like Nubs at all, not a bit!

And then just a few extras of my nephew
Dancing in the car

"Ferret! Gotta get the FERRET!!!" (Ok it's a squirrel, but he doesn't know the difference)

Lesson of the story? Young kids and DOGS in general get along great even Pit Bulls. Just training, and a watchful eye is all it takes.

UPDATE on Nubs leg:
Its been 10 days since Nubs went to visit the Vet. He still limps, but it's a lot less then he use to, and it's a lot less severe then it use to be. I'm hoping that this is a sign that it is healing, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Another 18 days before it's time to get him back to the vet. Keep your fingers and/or paws crossed for good news. Nubs is getting a little chubby without his daily workouts. Still looks great, but is looking out of shape lol.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Limp, It Returns!

So Nubs limp has gone from not much of anything to he can hardly walk on his back leg at times. So yesterday I called the vet and made an appointment for this morning to get him in. 8:40am rolls around and we walk into the vet.
Video of Nubs limping (not the best but you can see it)

Nubs has this thing where he KNOWS that when ever he is out and about and there is a desk or table, the people behind that desk/table has wonderful things called TREATS! So we walk in to the Vet and what does Mr. Social Butterfly do? Why what any larger dog would do, jump up and places his paws on the top of the desk and with this look of "Please feed me" in his eyes, begs for treats with a mournful whimper that says it all. The Vet Techs fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

After I pull Mr. "I'm never fed and I'm horribly abused. Please love me because this woman doesn't" away from the desk and 4 vet techs loving on him, I get him on the scale. 67.7 lbs. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! Tell me, how in the WORLD does this dog GAIN weight when he's eating less food then ever??? He should be around 64lbs maybe a bit less. While he doesn't look fat at all, he's getting to the point where you can only slightly see his ribs and that beautiful waist line is starting to slowly go away. I never can win.

We sit down in the waiting room and Nubs HAS to sit with me on the bench. So much to the amusement to the 5 other people in the waiting room, decides to shove his head in my stomach and then does a roll over and I barely catch him as his back in falls off the bench. Doofus... Everyone in the room just lets out a laugh which instantly in Nubs mind equals "GOOFY TIME" and that's what he does. He just starts to give me a face full of kisses, slaps me across the face with his paw, and puts that ol' silly grin on his face while looking at everyone in the room. Yeah, He's knows how to work a crowd.

We get into the room, and this is where he starts to act a bit scared. The last few times we've been at the vet he's ended up getting poked, prodded, and violated so he started to get a bit worried. That's when I pulled out the bestest most wonderest treat on the face of the earth, CHEESE. Guess who didn't care one darn bit about all the things the vet tech was doing to him? Yup, Nubs did end up catching the poor vet tech off guard though and have her a nice kiss, when her mouth was wide open. Ick!

The rest of the event was sorta uneventful. The Vet took Nubs into the back room to knock him out and play with that leg. Talk about amusing watching this huge Pit Bull walking toward the lobby tripping over his own paws, running into the Science Diet cart, and then tumbling head over paws onto the floor landing with his legs going in all different directions, and then just looking up at the laughter roaring through the room with that silly grin of his like he was saying "I meant to do that!"

The Good news? His hips look perfect. The vet did some x-rays to make sure he wasn't missing something (and didn't charge me for them!) and there is no movement in the knee that shouldn't be there.
The Bad news? His knee is unnaturally tight, and almost too tight for it to work at all.

Solution? Rest rest rest rest rest! 4 weeks of R&R and a half of a pill a day of Deramaxx. No running, jumping, pulling, agility, nothing fun. Just short, easy walks and nothing more.

Back to the vet in 4 weeks to see how things go.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dog Day in the Park

This weekend I had to make a choice, go to a weight pull in Three Rivers or go to Dog Day in the Park in Grand Rapids. Last year I went to Dog Day in the Park and had a blast with Nubs, so I decided to head that direction today, and man was it fun.

It's been a while since Nubs was out in that sort of event where we was walking in, out, and around all these dogs so I knew it was the right choice to keep up on his social skills which has been slicking due to all the attacks over the past few months. Nubs did excellent as always. He was really good with letting all the strange dogs sniff him and sniffing them himself. I can't be prouder of him.

We showed up at the event about 11:30am after getting loss trying to take the back way to the event. So it took me 2 hours to get there instead of the 1hr 30mins. Go figure. I really need my GPS back. Nubs was wound up and ready to go as we began the walk into the event.
After marking like a mad man, we begin the event by walking though some of the crowd doing "sits" and "watches" getting warmed up for the trek around the area. We go from vendor to vendor with Nubs stopping in at every booth saying "HI! Treat please!!!!". If they weren't paying attention to him, Mr. Social would just walk up to them and nudge their hands with his nose like he was saying "Um HELLO! I'm down here!!" Trying to convince Nubs that not everyone in the world wants to pet him is just impossible. He's such a nut.
"Can't say no to this smile!"

I don't know what it is about Nubs, but people just seek him out to pet and love on him. We were approached more times then I could count today with people saying "I saw you at this event last year and I just LOVE your dog" or "I saw you earlier and just had to search you down". What is it about this dog that just has people searching for him? I don't mind really, it's a great time to chat it up and educate people on the breed. I guess I'm just shocked at the response I get when out with Nubs.

He did end up showing people what the breed is all about though. We entered in the "Fastest Kisser in 15seconds" and took 3rd place. Lost by 6 kisses. *shrugs* In my view it was a major win. Hundreds of people got to watch a girl get slobbered on by her Pit Bull surrounded by other dogs. Can't have better propaganda then that.

Then Nubs got a special treat, he ran his first Lure Course ever. He was hot already but enjoyed himself. His first run was PERFECT! He LOVED it. I wish I got that one on video but I was so sure that I was going to have to run it with him that I didn't bother to tape it :( But here are runs 2 and 3

I should have kept my mouth quiet!

Part 2

And run three

And to show you what it should look like, here is a Doberman, A Boxer and then 2 Boxers running the course:

Overall a very fun day!