Monday, September 27, 2010

Weight Pull Results

So it wasn't the greatest day out, but not horrible at all. Nubs did well for his first outside weight pull and pulled 1,570lbs and took 1st in his weight class. He's done a lot more on a cart pull in the past (around 1740lbs back in March) but we had a lot of green dogs (Dogs that were new to weight pulling or dogs that never pull very well) so instead of doing the normal 5 or 6 blocks in weight, we did half 3 blocks. Nubs had to pull twice as much to get his normal pulls and just tired out from the experience quickly. It's a lot on a dog when your in a new environment.



A special thanks to my friend Lindsay who surprised me by taking these photos! Thank you SOOOOO much!!

Next stop: CENTERVILLE! Oct 10th... 15points to his Championship!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caption This: What is Nubs Thinking??

Thank you all for visiting the blog over time, and thanks for all the support!

I want to hear your thoughts (Please keep it G!) "What is Nubs thinking?"


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Another weight pulling event this weekend, sadly I have to work on Saturday so we are only going on Sunday. Stay tuned for an update early next week!!! (And wish us lots of luck!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weight Pulling brings out Nubs's evil side...

And here is the picture to prove it!

This was taken by the Jamie from the All American Bulldog Club Or on Facebook from the last pull and I just love it. I think at least 75% of all photos taken of Nubs pulling looks like he is possessed. Here he is again earlier in the year at the Michigan Classic:

Photos taken by Amanda of Wolf Moon Kennels

I find it amusing that the sweetest dog I have ever met happens to look the most evil when he's working his hardest.

One time I'll get a good photo of that boy pulling... one day...