Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And the Circle Starts Again...

It has been 11 months since Nubs had his ACL surgery. That knee never seemed right but over the past few months, his knee seemed to have gotten a lot stronger. This past month we started being completely normal again. Nubs started doing his flirt pole again and light spring pole work. Pretty much I was just allowing him to be his complete and normal self. I felt that by now with all the work we've done over the past 11 months he'd be fine returning to being a completely normal dog, doing some of the things he loves to do.

Well on Thursday 10/28 Peanut and Nubs were outside rough housing like normal when I noticed out the window that Nubs was limping again. He has done that for a while now where he over does things and his knee hurts him for a day or so then he's back to normal. By Sunday it was clear as day to me. Nubs re-tore his ACL

Tuesday it was confirmed by x-rays, the wire in his knee was completely tore and Nubs would be needing surgery again.

Surgery has been set for Nov. 16th 2011. Another 4 months of R&R at least and 4 months of me tearing my hair out keeping Peanut and Nubs apart. Got to LOVE it when Vet's mess up and it causes your dog much pain and suffering.

In other news...

I will be combining both of the dogs into one blog. I was going to start a new one for Peanut but with how hard it's been to just keep up with Nubs, adding another blog would be a nightmare. I'm so busy with 2 jobs, 2 classes a week with Peanut and then Search and Rescue work with Peanut and just the team, many days I couldn't even begin to tell you the day. I'll update very soon about Peanut's last SAR tracking and maybe I'll have a nice blog next week about Peanuts adventures with Nose working class on Thursday and Fridays SAR tracking.

Until then, wish me lots of luck! I need as much luck as I can get.