Sunday, September 8, 2013

Working With Peanut

It hasn't been such a great year for our SAR work.  My local SAR team kind of fell apart on me so I haven't had anyone to hide for me in a while.  I've been instead doing tracking of my own scent instead which helps to sharpen her nose skills.

Heres the map from tonight.  It doesn't look like much, but that's just shy of a half mile track. Took us about 15mins to do the whole thing.

View 2800-2898 7th Ave in a larger map

Tonight was a perfect night, calm winds, cooler temps, and Peanut was in the mood to work.  I held nothing back tonight.  There was cross tracks, back tracks and I even crossed the street.  As you can see, she was very confused on the crossing of the street but worked it out well and picked up my scent again as she came pass it.  The loops and back tracks she really had no troubles with, and at the end she was starting to get tired (still quite warm when we were doing this) but she found her toy and treats in the end.  So tonight was a success!  I love my little rescue dog.  She may drive me bonkers, but she's a great dog!

One happy, hot dog


Working on long distance down stays.  Needs work

And just her watching across the field

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something Positive For Once

I didn't post this because, well I didn't want to really think it could be true.  Early this spring, Nubs was in the worse shape I had seen him in.  Both ACL's gone and his back starting to go out. He was so bad that sometimes he'd pee on himself because he was in too much pain to move to go outside.  I was carrying him up and down stairs, lifting him on the couch and bed, and just trying to make him as comfortable as I could.  It was a really sad sight.  I thought that this would be my last summer with my best friend.  I couldn't see him getting any better and I was not going to be one of those owners that keep their dogs, obviously in tons of pain, alive just for themselves.

At the end of summer, I can honestly say that with pain killers for Nubs, he's done a complete turn around.  I've now got him on an every other day alternating pain dose and I'm actually knocking it down here soon to every three days.  I'm hoping I can fade them out to the point where the only time he needs pain pills is if he over does it.  He's become the nut that he use to be back before he hurt himself.  I mean I haven't seen this side of him in such a long time.  It's so heartwarming to see his sassy self back. 

I know it's just the pain killers masking his pain but if it allows me a few more years of him enjoying life to his fullest, so be it.  I'm loving this so much.  Two sassy terriers terrors in my home, driving me bonkers.  Constant breaking up playing that's getting too much, snark fests over who has the best bones, and yelling at two dogs getting into things they shouldn't.  This is how the past 3 years should have been.