Thursday, February 23, 2012

One "Winter" Morning...

This winter has been very WEIRD weather wise. I can't say I don't love it, but I could deal without the mud. This is how my mornings go around here in the Nut House.

It was a typical morning during a very weird and mild Lower Michigan winter. The first sound I hear of the day is the annoying alarm clock waking me from my warm slumber. As I groggily make my way from my once warm cocoon, my feet hit the cold that even my wool socks can't protect me from. I miss the 3 to 5ft of snow that we normally use to insulate the house and block the cold air from the crawlspace under the house. I hit snooze and make a mad dash back to the warmth of my bed, but that doesn't stop the next sounds that wake me up.
-CLANK CLANK CLANK- Someone forgot to remove Nubs's food bowl from his crate last night. I can just picture him in his crate, smacking his bowl around with a look of starvation on his pouty face.
-CLINK CLINK CLINK- There goes Peanut adding in her two cents, but it's her tail this time around. She knows when Nubs stands at his crate's door, I will be around soon for her morning dose of wonderful, glorious heat.
-WONK WONK WONK WONK- Was it seven minuets already? Oh COME ON! This isn't fair. I jump up again, this time the floor seems even colder and my feet seem to protest the thought of touching it. So I stand on the bed, LLLEEEAAAANNNNN over to the clock and hit that darn snooze button and again make a mad dash back to bed.
-WWWHHHHIIIIMMMPPPPEEEERRRR- Ahh there's that sound I was waiting for. Nubs is telling me that he's not happy that I hit snooze again. I pull my pillow over my ears and lay there with a -sigh-
-high pitched yawn- Not even a pillow can cover the noise of Peanut's yawn. I swear that it could cut glass if she could learn to aim it.
-WONK WONK WONK WONK- OK FINE I'M UP! I give up. I roll out of bed with a growl and turn off that annoying alarm. As I walk out the bedroom door, I make sure to turn up the heat. Peanut would DIE with out this little bit of morning heat.

I carefully let the dogs out of their crates and get ambushed with two wiggling butt and wagging tongues before both make a mad dash to the heater to warm up their cold bones. This gives me about five minuets of freedom to do what I need to get done before the breakfast runs start.
Oops! I forgot that cup was out there. Thankfully it was empty. Still didn't stop Ms. Nose from checking it out. Mr. I'M TELLING is now underfoot letting me know that Ms. Nose is up to no good, and sure enough she's on the back of the couch trying to plot the end of the world. No wait! In a blink of an eye she's on the Loveseat in a play bow giving me the evil eye. Now she hits the back of the Loveseat, jumps off of that on to the back of the Couch and then does a leap onto the floor. My head is spinning already. It's too early for this and I haven't had my coffee yet.
"HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!" I roar, which only makes her stop for a microsecond before she's off chewing on her antler. I sigh and go make my coffee. Well while my back is turned, she's now in my computer chair next to the Kitchen table and is checking out what crumbs may be on it.
"PEANUT!" I roar again, as she bolts out of the kitchen. The heater has kicked back on and Nubs has made a home in front of it and Peanut has decided for the second to use him as a pillow. I try to get a photo of it, but my attempt is unsuccessful as Peanut jumps up and darts off after who knows what. I turn back to my computer to check my emails, and other important things (HEY! NO LAUGHING! Facebook is important right? RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT???)

All of a sudden a light -crinkle- hits my ears. "PEANUT!" I say without even looking away from my screen "GET OUT OF THE GARBAGE" then I hear the -clatter clatter- of her nails across the floor and as she passes I get the "I hate you" glare of a puppy just caught red pawed in the garbage.

Now Nubs is standing on my feet dancing and can I say that a 65lb dog on your feet HURTS? I look at him and it causes him to dance more. His shadow is right behind him staring holes into my body.
"Yes? Can I help you?" I ask them both. This causes Nubs to start dancing in circles and Peanut to run to her crate and stand right outside the door.
"What do you do?" I ask them knowing very well what they want. Peanut makes a mad dash into her crate, barely making it as the door was still opening as she ran past and slides in. Nubs just dances around like he's dancing around a fire.
"Nubs, cage" I remind him. He dances a little more then runs out of the kitchen. Honestly I love him, but it's times like this I wonder how smart he really is.
"Nubs Cage" I say again. This time he darts back in to the kitchen and dances again, this time with drool strands forming on either side of his mouth.
"If you want Yum-Yum, get in your cage!" This time he listens and darts into his crate while I quickly shut it behind him or he'll dance right out of his crate.

As I fill the dishes of the dog's food, I hear only a slight whimper of Nubs reminding me that I need to hurry before he dies of starvation. I laugh to myself knowing very well that he could skip a few meals and by just fine, but do not tell him that. Mr. Over-Dramatic might go into a depression trying to guilt me into another bowl.

As I finally get to actually drink my coffee and surf the web, the whining starts again. This time to tell me they are done and want to play. I sigh as I put my headphones on and turn on something to listen to to drown out the cries of two dogs devastated to be in their crates while their food settles (since you know they don't even chew the stuff). This is how my day starts and it's only the first 30mins of the day! Maybe I'll continue one day with the after breakfast fun. Got to love my dogs!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Peanut's SAR Training and Nubs Update

One day I'll get enough ambition to change the banner image at the top of the page to reflect both Nubs and Peanut. I just haven't had a good photo of Peanut and I have no clue what I want the banner to reflect. So one day I'll change it.

I've been getting a lot of questions regarding how Nubs is doing and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get an update of him. Nubs knee is MUCH stronger now and the surgery did MUCH better this time around. He rarely limps on the knee except for times when there is a change in weather. A few weeks back we had a major scare that he may have weakened his good knee when he hurt his front paw. One thing they do not ever tell you in the breed description is how accident prone this breed is. They ignore pain better then many other breeds so they end up hurting themselves more then other breeds.

Anyways, It took almost 2 weeks for Nubs to heal and be back to normal after hurting his front paw and since then he's shown no signs of weakness in that good knee. So all-in-all Nubs is doing GREAT! He'll never weight pull again (in fact I sold his harness a few months ago) but maybe agility isn't out of the question. We will see how it goes.

Search and Rescue training has started again finally and I couldn't be more excited. Well I could if it wasn't 13*F outside with wind chills in the single digits, but that's a whole other topic. We've taken a few months off because of the holidays and family issues so it was a dry run on Sunday to see how the dogs would do. Shockingly they did splendid! I know I shouldn't be shocked but I've tried over the past 2 months to work with Peanut and tracking my scent and she's just not interested, but Sunday she shocked me. She took off after the scent like she has been doing it for ever and followed the track like a pro. The only time she gets confused is when we come to the subject because she always does a full circle around the subject and then goes to him. She did two tracks, both about a quarter mile long. Some of her longest tracks to date.

I decided that with my Tax returns, Peanut needed an actual tracking harness. I did a bit of looking around, and a lot of tracking harnesses I found I felt they didn't give the dog enough room to move, or might cut off the wind pipe as they were searching. So after giving it some thought, I decided on a leather tracking harness that is also known as an agitation harness. Now don't let the name fool you. It's a tracking/Schutzhund harness and I find it to be much more hardy, safer, and works really better then other harnesses I found. Sunday proved to me how nice of a harness it was since Peanut was in full blown CRAZY search mode and the harness allowed me to have more control over her speed and didn't choke her. I love it. If your interested in where I go the harness from let me know and I'll tell you. They currently do not have a website but when they do I will be posting it here!


And then both of my favorite pups!