Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adventures With Peanut

Wow, TWO updates in a month.  I'm spoiling you girls and guys.

This week has been an ongoing adventure.  My vet techs and I have started to get on a first name bases over the phone.  I give a round of applause to every GOOD Vet Tech and Veterinarian out there for all the hard work you do to help us pet owners over the phone.

It's been one long HOT summer, and with my life changing as much as it has (kicked my ex out and went from a 2 person income to a 20hr a week income), and with the Search and Rescue team on the rocks (long story there) we haven't been doing as much training as we should normally be.  Therefore, one black dog has been "bored" and finding things to do.  Yeah it's my fault, I fully blame myself (how often do you see that?).  So Peanut has taken back to fence jumping.  Yup!  So I've spent my mornings in my yard figuring out how she's jumping the fence.  Every time I think I figure it out, she has found a different way to get out.  Yeah, it's getting old.

Now Peanut's actually been a pretty darn good dog lately and behaving herself.  That came to an end this week.  On Tuesday I was really sick with a sore throat and stuff like that.  I had a few cough drops in the middle of my table.  On Wednesday, I'm sitting at my computer before work, and the dogs are in the living room chewing on antlers.  Nubs is facing me, which normally they always have their eyes drilled into my skull (I might leave them you know).  Peanut had her back to me, and out of no where the smell of Cherry Cough Drop hit me.  Sure enough I walk over to Peanut and you could smell it on her breath.  -sighs-

Friday's was the worst to date though.  In my kitchen, I have a counter top, then on that counter top I have a microwave.  On top of that is the medicine cabinet, which is a good 6ft off the ground.  While I was blowdrying my hair getting ready for work, someone climbed up into that cabinet and knocked out some medication which then dropped and opened when they reached the floor.  I busted Peanut as she was swallowing my last gummy Rescue Remedy anxiety pill.  YAY!  

I was over an hour late to work while I sat out in the yard and watch Peanut stalk the yard with her ears pinned back, tail between her legs, glaring at me like "YOU MADE ME SICK!  YOU ARE A DEAD HUMAN!" Finally after 20mins of waiting she threw up all the medication, and I was able to go to work.  

Yesterday (Saturday), was the last day of the Hot Air Balloon World Championships.  If you've never been able to see 100+ hot air balloons in the air at once, it's something you HAVE to see.  I've grown up with hot air balloons living were I do, and this city will always have them around.  Figured it would be a GREAT training opportunity to take Peanut out  there with out Search and Rescue team and train with distractions (a 60ft tall Hot Air Balloon inflating and taking off is a BIG distraction too).

"Hello did you say something?" 
Peanut under the SAR table watching everyone go past.

Peanut did WONDERFUL!  There was upwards of 500 people around us at any given time.  It was really shoulder to shoulder packed full with 10 hot air balloons filling up less then 20 feet away from us.  Only at this festival can you actually walk underneath a 60 ft tall balloon and see what it's like to look inside of 10-100 of them at once.  It's simply amazing.  Peanut watched a few take off, then was more interested in the food the people next to us were eating.

"It's hot out here! OH FOOD!"

She heeled on a loose leash around all the people, did sits and downs on command, and even played nice with young kids who would stop by with their sweet, sticky fingers and pet her.  She did awesome.  While she is a HUGE pain in the butt, she really has turned into a wonderful dog.  Loves people, loves activities, and loves to work.  Can't ask for a better dog!
"Behaving myself and being a good breed ambassador is HARD work!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peanut the Wanna-be Cat

I often refer to Peanut's personality as very "cat like" since she's a bit aloof with new people but warms up quickly to people.  The fact she's very "smart" and has a "I'll do what I want when I want to" attitude, but still likes most everyone.  I also refer to her as "cat like" because of how agile she is.

I recently started training Peanut for scootering as a new way to give her an outlet for her massive amount of energy and a way to use her mind.  It also helps to train her for weight pulling so it's killing two birds with one stone.  She's really starting to love doing it (she actually starts dancing like she does with her flirt pole which is amazing).  Well I was out riding with her and when I returned my Dad was in my yard which is normal, but the following conversation wasn't.

Dad: Hey did you get a new dog?
Me: Um, No.... Oh wow, who is that? (takes Peanut quickly and puts her in the house)
Dad: I don't know.  You left the gate open and he decided to come in and say hello to Nubs (who was in the outside kennel)
Me: -sighs- Oh I bet Nubs was happy with that. (Nubs doesn't care too much for new dogs anymore)

Sure enough there was a 60lb Pointer/Bully mix walking around my yard with a sqeaky toy in his mouth.  He just made himself at home and was happy as heck to stick around.  After about 20 mins of walking around and seeing if I could find his home, I returned to the house with the dog (who later I found out was named Gumby) and walk inside where I had Peanut still running loose and look what I see Ms. Tude herself up to:

Note: Please excuse the mess I was thrown for a loop when Gumby  stopped by

Yes Peanut climbed in a window, that she really can't get too and was sitting in it just like a cat would.  I laughed so much over this sight.  That's my girl!

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to locate the Shelter where Gumby was adopted from and he was returned there today to find a new home.  If you ever adopt a pet, PLEASE see if your shelter will take the dog back PRIOR to selling your new pet.  Lots of shelters require you to return the dog/cat before you sell them.  Thankfully this shelter always takes their adoptions back so Gumby returned (same shelter I got Nubs from) and will find hopefully a better home this time.