Saturday, September 15, 2012

"I'm not listening!" & Puzzle Toys!

Ever have those nights where you honestly consider if you really want to keep your dogs (well, rather keep one of your dogs) or rehome them?  Last night was one of those nights with Peanut.  "Oh but she's so CUTE!" and "She can't be that bad!" you say?  Well let me tell you the story of yesterday.

After 20mins of running after the flirt pole, Peanut was still wound up tighter then a spring.  She was bouncing off the walls, play bowing at anything that moved (including the TV), and just being a flat out brat.  I decided well, since she was so wound up I'd do some training with her, and mentally tire her out.  For SAR work, I've started to use a simple toy that she LOVES, it's a piece of fur tied on a stretchy rope.  She'll do anything for that toy, but is very driven, almost too driven for it.  So I've been working with her for the past few days trying to get it through her mind that the only way she gets that toy is to work for it.  Well, last night she had other plans.  She was being grabby, snatchy, and wouldn't drop it on command, so I put the toy away on top of the 6' tall fridge and sat down to watch TV for a bit while she cooled down.


I jump sky high, and watch as Peanut takes a running leap, runs up the side of the fridge, and snatches the toy right off the top of the fridge.  Yup, you heard me.  I wish I had a camera running while these things happened!  After I laid into her, I spend the next 5mins prying the toy out of her mouth (MOM!  I worked HARD to get this toy.  You can't have it) and then sent her to her bed.

After I cooled off (I tell you I haven't been that mad in a while) I decided to pull out my Nina Ottosson puzzle toy to work Peanut's mind.  Now these toys are very expensive, but I really like them for Peanut who is a very smart dog.  It's the Dog Tornado puzzle toy and it's east to use for us humans, and can go from super easy for dogs like Nubs to hard for Peanut.

Nubs is first.  I set it up as super easy just to get him started.  It's easy for him and he gets it done fast. NOTE: might want to turn down your volume a hair.  It's pretty loud

Now I decided to see what he can do and make it just a little harder.  I can honestly say I was very impressed!  He did better then I thought (this coming from a dog that takes over 45mins to clean out a food toy when he's very food motivated).  I do have to say that the toy that we use to cover the treats is very hard to grip when it's dry and worse when it's covered in dog slobber, so if it wasn't for that he'd done GREAT.  

Now it's Peanut's turn, and well I'll let the video show you how smart she is with these toys.

I swear if she had thumbs the world would be doomed.