Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Nubs! (photo heavy)

It's a day late posting this, but who's counting?!

Nubs is one of those few rescue dogs that came with an actual date of birth, which is January 20th 2007.  So yesterday was his 6th Birthday.  My boy is 6 years old...  Do you know how much this saddens me?  My baby will have to start Senior vet care next year.  HE'S TOO YOUNG FOR THAT!

So here is celebrating the best dog in the world.  Honestly I couldn't ask for a better dog.  Nubs is my heart dog.  A dog that I have such a strong bond with that it's unreal.  He's my cuddle buddy, he's my best friend, he's my chair warmer, he's my partner, he's my boy, he's simply the best.  There is no amount of words to tell you how much that dog means to me.  I know many people have said "Well since you got Peanut, you really don't post anything about Nubs!"  There is a reason for that.  Nubs is just my couch potato, feet warmer, and cuddle buddy.  There's not much that he can do with those bad legs.  So while yes, I don't post many things about him it doesn't mean I don't love him just the same.

So here's to Nubs!  Love you so much bud!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Track of the New Year

And yes, it's a complete and utter failure.

Yeah I guess it's back to tracking basics on Peanut.  I honestly think she'd do better at Air scent work but I'm still unsure if I can trust her off leash like what's necessary in the work.  If I could only find a fenced in place that is closed to the public I'd feel much better about training her in air scent.  I know she could do it, but training safely is the problem.

Anyways today's track was about a half mile long and she blew it.  Not even on track at all. Worse she was hyper active and kept charging everywhere.  Do you know what happens to the human on the other end of the tracking leash when a dog suddenly bolts or lunges at the end of it when on wet grass?  If you said fall on your butt, then congratulations!  You are a winner!  I ended up falling 3 times and skinning my knee pretty bad.  Time to go back to basics -sighs-

One kind of sad note on this though.  The person I was tracking had Nubs as well, so now only was I tracking the guy but Nubs as well.  As I was coming up a hill I ran into 2 ladies in their late 40's who stopped to say hello to Peanut.  After a few minuets of chatter about what we were doing, they preceded to warn me about a "Large Pit Bull up a ways" and to "be careful".  I had to laugh.  They were shocked to find out that he was also my dog and was actually friendlier then Peanut was.  I know they were kicking their selves about saying what they did about Nubs, but I know that to someone who doesn't know about him, Nubs can look very mean.  Heck I thought it when I first met him, I can't expect the public to understand that behind that face is a heart of pure gold.

So now I'm tending to a sore knee and ever sorer pride.