Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Trip Since the Surgery!

So today I decided to take Nubs out on his first trip since the surgery to Petco and Tractor Supply Co. Nubs had a blast. Besides demanding food from a guy at TSC, he wasn't too badly behaved. We need to start basic's again. He's a little rusty.

But the good news is, even after all the excitement at TSC and Petco, Nubs STILL after we left Petco had the strength to stand on the leg that he had his CCL surgery on and mark! That was at least a 30 high energy, crazy store visit, and he still did it! I know it doesn't seem like a ton to most people, but that's huge. From a leg that 3 weeks ago had NO mussel in it at all to how it's doing now? It's great!

Even better news? NO LIMPING TONIGHT!!!! After all that no limping!!!!!

So I think it's safe to slowly start pulling weights again. I"m talking about 5lb weights around the house, nothing major, but something to get him using those legs even more. Things are looking up around here. My goal is to be able to have Nubs have his "Welcome Back" weight pull in June, maybe for the UKC Premier! We will see, but that's the goal!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Milestone!

It's been 8 weeks since Nubs had surgery to the day and today marks what I think is a HUGE milestone in his recovery.

Today Nubs stood on his leg that he has the CCL surgery done on and MARKED. Doesn't seem like much, but this is the first time he's done a FULL marking while standing on his bad leg without any weakness in it. Normally he only manages 5 seconds before that leg collapses, to day he got in a good 10 to 15 second mark before moving on. Not a sign of weakness at all.

He still doesn't have full range in that knee for bending, but the limping has really reduced over the past few weeks. I'm hoping that soon, we can start doing classes again. He's up to about 20mins of walk time without problem, but if I try to push it he'll return to limping.

Keep your fingers and paws crossed that he'll return to normal!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the Cutest Pit Bull is....



Ok, nothing officially, but look at that face?!?!? How can you NOT like him???? It's photos I catch like this that make me really wonder how people can have such negative views of the breed. So many cities and states are trying to pass breed specific laws right now, and people don't realize, the photo above is what they are really banning, not what they like to think.

These dogs don't want to be mean, they don't want to wonder where their next meal is coming from. All they want is a warm bed, food in their bellies, people to love them, and something to do. That's all they ask for. Why do we, we humans, take this away from them? Why do we toss our "pets" to the curb for anything and everything? Like my neighbor up the road who kept her Shepherd Mutt after they moved in with her parents again. Instead of finding her a new home, they keep her chained to a tree 24/7, where she howls and barks 24/7. It's 7*F outside, and she is shivering in her little dog house, just crying and waiting for her owners to come out and give her a pat on the head. She LIVES for that short scratch on the head.

We are the problem, not the dogs. We treat our "pets" like garbage and they turn around and act like it.

Just remember, you get what you put into your dog. Take the extra time to give them some training and some love, and you'll get the best dog back.