Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Spring Hike

So it's officially spring here in Michigan and we enjoyed the first 50* day by going out on a nice spring hike. Sadly I forgot my camera so no photos. However this was one of those hikes where Peanut made me so proud to be her owner. Everyone had the same idea as we did and we ran into many dogs, humans, and even about 10 horses. All the dogs after being cooped up all winter were on edge and were lunging and barking at Peanut and myself as we passed. Peanut just ignored them and went by without even much of a look. I can honestly say how GREAT it feels when you are holding onto the end of a leash of what most people consider the "worst breed ever" and she's acting 1000 times better than a Lab or Shepherd. Horses were another fun thing to train. 2 horses no more then 6 feet away from us, and Peanut held her down stay while they passed all the while another dog nearby lunged and barked at the poor horses. Sometimes things happen that make you realize how far your dog has come. Peanut is almost 2 years old now and is just turning out to be just the perfect breed ambassador. For a dog that came from the street to a dog that amazes everyone I'm proud to own her.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The 100th Post!!!

I'd just like to say Thank You to everyone that reads this blog. I never thought I'd make it to 100 posts when I started this blog back in 2010. Sure there's only 19 followers, but I know there are many that have us bookmarked and check in time to time. Thank you for everyone's support!

A quick update mostly on Nubs. You are going to start hearing about Nubs's knee again. Yes he will be having a third surgery on that knee here soon no doubt. Tomorrow I am taking him to another vet in hopes to get sent to a vet that is actually competent to do the surgery correctly this time around. I'll be honest with you, my readers, things aren't looking good for him right now. He's in pretty rough shape thanks to this vets lack of ability to do what needed to be done. Keep an eye out here because depending on our visit tomorrow I may be posting some things to sell in hopes to raise some money for another surgery. 5 years ago when I brought Nubs into my life I never thought that he'd become my best friend. He is the one constant thing in my life that no matter what happens is there for me. It's only right that I do everything I can to repay him for just being the perfect dog.

So stay tuned and if anyone knows of some good ways to earn money let me know!

Anyways, I'll just leave you with some photos of the two best Pits around:

IMG_2665-1 copy

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter time fun!

It's been a while since my last update. It's just been too cold for me to be out and about. Today is a beautiful, sunny, winter afternoon so after two days of Peanut driving me nuts I decided to ask her if she wanted to go "pull". Well I was barely standing after she jumped about 2ft in the area, did a quick turn about, smacked right into my knee almost taking me out, and made a mad dash to the back door. I took it as a yes. Sunday mornings are a great day to take the scooter out since everyone is still inside sleeping or at church so no kids, no dogs, and few cars to make our day hard. After coaxing Peanut into her harness (I don't know why she hates harnesses but she never comes willingly to them.) and doing some stretches, we take off. There is nothing like being under dog power on a scooter flying down a street. It's just an amazing experience that is hard to describe. We always go about 1 mile and then take a short catching of breath rest then back on for another 2 mile mad dash home. Hard to believe that Peanut can do it without seeming like she's trying. Video of today's run:
While waiting for a car to pass, someone was bored and hot.

All tangled up

Her reward for a great run!

And a tired Peanut