Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nubs the Puppy Sitter

So, if you know me or know me on Facebook, then you already know that I currently have a foster dog named Peanut. Peanut is a 4ish month old, female Pit Bull that was found wondering in a park very close to a busy street. She's a handful, but has come a long way since she came here with Nubs and myself.

"Hey did you do that?"

Is she not just too adora-bull for her own good? Yeah She is something else that's for sure. Nubs is being a great foster brother though. He has taken the little brat... I mean sweet little puppy under his paw, and is teaching her the ropes. Like Nubs has taught her that to get Mom's attention the best way to do it is to grab her sock and rub, or when you don't get things your way make sure to bark, and other wonderful things like that. Overall though, Nubs has taught Peanut not to be so scared of everything. In two days thanks to Nubs, Peanut has gone from thinking everyone is out to get her to loving everyone around. That's pretty good since the first time she met me, she wanted to run away.

Hey! Who are you calling a brat?

Feel free to check out Mr. Saint Nubs with his newest playmate Peanut.

Overall, I think they like each other. Nubs is a great dog and I'm thankful that he is here with me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Things They NEVER Tell You When You Own A Pit Bull.

When your looking at the cute puppy/dog there are things people forget to tell you. They have just the cutest eyes, softest coat, even the greatest personality and all that is true. However, there are things that no one warns you about when you bring them home. Here is my list:

The Things They NEVER Tell You When You Own A Pit Bull
1. If you value your privacy, get over it.
2. Forget about ever going to the bathroom alone again. If you some how manage to slip in unnoticed, forget about any peace. The whining will make you open the door and let them in.
3. Forget about personal space. If it's not your lap, it's not good enough
4. BEWARE OF ZOOMIES! Zoomies are dangerous to humans. Sure it's all funny and cute until that Pit Bull is running toward you playing chicken. You will NOT win.
5. Never leave food unattended. It will not be there when you get back.
6. If you don't like slobber, then you'll have to get use to it.
7. If you don't like millions of doggy kisses, then you'll have to get use to it.
8. TAILS! OOOOWWWWWIIIIIEEEEEE! (ok not something I must worry about with Nubs, but I do have many friends with dogs with tails)
9. If they think it, it will happen or else something is going to break.
10. Think "Bull in China Shop" (yeah yeah I know Mythbusters busted that saying) but we are talking about Pit BULL in China Shop...
11. If there is a will, there is a way.
12. There is NO SUCH THING AS A STRANGER. Forget about having a guard dog. These guys think of everyone as long lost friends.

Feel free to add your own in the comment area.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been a while (includes photos!!!!)

This is just for you Becky!

I know I've been slacking on updating. Nothing really has been out of the ordinary around here. Nubs has acting... well... good! Yeah I know shocking. The other day when we were heading to my parents house, I asked Nubs to heel off leash and he actually did. I mean it's things like that, which blow me away. Something I don't even think I have the same dog, like my dog has been replaced by aliens or something. I can picture it now, them taking my disobedient, fun loving, nut of a job, and replacing it with a dog that is somewhat obedient, crazy, nutty dog... or maybe my little boy is finally growing up. Whatever it is, I like it.

In between rain drops, tornadoes, killer heat with no electricity, and even being called out on my first Search and Rescue call (which Nubs is NOT apart of sadly. It's for a future puppy that I'm searching for), I got a few photos of Nubs to share.

Nubs decided to show off his Memorial day spirit, HAT STYLE!