Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Nine

Nubs has decided he wants nothing to do with his antibiotics and now is spitting them back out at me after I give them to him. I took four tries this time to get him to take the pill, 2 times I thought he had swallowed said pill, only to find it on the floor when he walked away. 3 more dosages and I'm done.

His knee has healed up very nicely. All in all we've only lost one staple. Not bad at all.

His fur is already growing back in nicely on his rear leg and while the knee itself looks swollen. he's nor really favoring it at all.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Capturer

Here's a tail of the bored Nubs.

He had been caged up for 5 whole days now, and every minuet of every hour that passed was like sitting on pins and needles. He just couldn't take it any longer. He whimpered, moaned, and groaned despite the protest of his capturers trying the hardest he could to get their attentions.

"Maybe they forgot about me" he thought to himself as he started to shake the prisons door. "HHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!" He cried out, but was instantly quieted when the wall of his prison cell shook with vengeance.

"Be Quite! ENOUGH!!!" said his capturer.

Nubs curled up on his fluffy bed and let out the most pitiful sigh ever. He just couldn't understand why he was stuck in this cell. He began to itch his knee where his captures had done some sort of horrible experiment on him when out of know where his prison door opened...

"NUBS! LLLLLLEEEEEAAAAVVVVVEEEEE IT! Dude, why in the world are you being such a BRAT tonight?!?" his capturer walked away

"SUCCESSS!!!!!!" Nubs thought as he bolted out of his prison cell.

Nubs stopped to stretch his legs out and made a mad dash to the door.

"Noooo! Foiled again!!!" Nubs cried out when he saw that his only means of escape was blocked off.

"Nubs, what are you doing? I go to grab you food and this is how you repay me? Cage NOW!"

"That's it" Nubs thought to himself "I'm going to fight back!" Nubs sat down and faced his capturer...

"You will NOT put me back in that cage woman! You will let me be free, and you WILL PLAY WITH ME!"

His capture still kept coming at him and Nubs finally pulled out his secret weapon, EVIL EYES!

I Said YOU WILL PLAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!

"NOOOOOOO!" Nubs cried as he was placed back in his prison cell.

Nubs had given up for the moment. Laying down in his bed thinking about his next move. Soon he would escape his cell for good and go on a nice long walk around his neighborhood or in the forest... yes he would, soon...

The End....

I'll say it for everyone, POOR NUBS!

Day 5 and 6

Nubs knee is looking so much better these past couple of days. Most of the bruising is now gone, and all is left is some swelling of his knee. Today (day 6) has been the best day for him yet. I keep having to put him in his crate for refusing to lay still. He really just wants to play. He has even tried playing tug with his leash while we are out side, which is to say really annoying when it's 20 degrees outside + wind chill.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day Four, and it keeps getting better!

Today is day four and Nubs is really improving. His knee is really healing up well as now he has started to chew on his staples a little bit more. Nothing major still no cone of shame, but if he starts getting more interested in it, I be putting one on him.

Swelling has really gone down alone with the bruising. His hair is even growing back . He's really starting to use that back leg for walking, but still doesn't like to stand using it. I'm happy with how things are going so far and am shocked for it only being 4 days and already he's doing so much better.

"Not the camera again! Geeze!"


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day Three

Today is better then yesterday. It seems the ACE has done it's job today because Nubs is just completely relaxed, not a care in the world. He's made his bed in front of the heater today and all is well.

The bruising from last night has gotten darker, but Nubs doesn't seem bothered too much by his knee. I can tell when the Pain meds has started to wear off because he'll start licking the stitches, not enough to cause an issue with them, but enough that I catch him. No e-collar yet.

I can't help but think that I've raised my dog well or I just have a sissy dog that doesn't like the cold. Potty breaks have been sort, to the point and then a mad dash inside (while I'm attempting to slow him down and being dragged across the snow) Nothing stops this dog.

And the Bruising Starts

Poor Nubs. Today he was actually awake and alert and nothing could knock him out. He's still eating like a champ, pottying and even trying to use that leg, so all is well.

Tonight when I came home from work I noticed his leg started to bruise up badly. Poor guy is black and blue like he was just hit by a truck or something. I'm keeping an eye on it just to be safe, he seems to be OK, but it's unnerving to see your dogs leg bruise so much.

He's so bored already and it's only day 2 since surgery. It's going to be a LONG few months...

Dec. 28th is the day set to have his staples removed. He'll be looking better before the new year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

And He's HOME!

Sorry that it's taken me all day to post about Nubs. I only had an hour after I brought him home before I had to be at work.

I can't believe how well Nubs is doing even from the start. Before I even talk to the Vet himself the Vet Techs are talking about how great of a dog Nubs is and how sweet he was. I guess he made a few more fans at the Vets office. Nubs of course comes out of the kennels with a smile on his face and a wag in his step. You can tell he's not feeling 100% but he's still him and still just wanting all love. When he walked into the house the first thing he did was head to his food dish. So he's already ate today and even took a poop which are things that I wasn't to expect for a few days. I was also told by the vet not to expect him to even try to use his back leg for maybe as long as 3 weeks, yet he's already trying to use it and even puts a little weight on it. Amazing!

So Today Nubs is looking great. I spent the night sitting on the couch with him on the floor next to me just cuddling. He's being spoiled rotten, and is loving every second of it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today was S-Day...

So Today was Surgery day for Nubs and when I called at 5pm, he was out of surgery and doing well.

I'll post photos and more tomorrow. Thank you all for everything!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Less then 3 days...

Until Nubs goes in for surgery and I'm starting to get worried. I HATE having to put a dog under for anything, one of my biggest fears is loosing a dog under anesthesia. I know I'm a worry wart but still, it's a valid worry.

I'm glad he is getting his surgery done this month though. His limping is increasing everyday. Poor guy has such cabin fever it's sad. He's not meant to be a couch dog. I really hope that after his knee heals that he can go back being the wonder, hyper active, loving dog that he is. I have a few ideas to want to start doing once his knee is healed and I hope he takes to it.

I would like to thank everyone who helped get Nubs his surgery done. We couldn't have done it without you.