Sunday, October 21, 2012

Public Relation Events

In the past week and a half,  I've had a few different public relation events that I've had taken Peanut out to for the SAR team.  People really do not understand how much time it really takes to train a dog for even large events like what we've been to lately.  These two days have shown me how much time I've really put into Peanut and even though she has her "issues" over all, she's a sound dog out in public.

The first event was for Fire Prevention.  We had multiple fire departments, the sheriff's departments horse posse, our SAR team, the county SAR team, and even a helicopter fly in.  It was BUSY with families, a couple hundred people at least.  It was by far the largest and longest event Peanut has ever been to.  In the two hours we were there, Peanut greeted over 100 kids and adults with butt wiggles and kisses, had sirens go off so close to us that it even made me jump sky high with no real issue, and had a HELICOPTER fly over here less than 30ft above us and land less than 30ft from where we were standing without an issue!  I was floored by how good she way.  It was like all the fears she has are inside buildings.  She's fine outside with everything including even gunshots.

It's wonderful to see Peanut in all her glory out among people, doing what the breed LOVES to do which is love on people.  I look at it like this, over the past week in a half between 2 events, 200 or so people can say "Yeah I met a Pit Bull once.  She was a Search dog and was just the sweetest thing ever!".  Maybe of those 200 people she changed some minds on the breed and maybe one day if something happens they remember that search dog they met back in the day and know that it's not every dog.  It's not breed, it's the owner.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sometimes Photos are Worth a 1000 Words!

And sometimes 3 photos are worth 3000 words!

"What? I didn't do it!  I'm innocent!"

"Ok, now what trouble can I get into?"