Monday, April 26, 2010

Right? Left? I can do it!

For some reason this was a hard trick for Nubs to learn. He learned "Right" so easily that it was amazing, but teaching "Left" seemed like it was going to take forever. Nubs just didn't understand that I wanted him to turn a different direction. He would get frustrated and I would move on so I wouldn't get him upset.

Tonight he FINALLY got it! Must have been months of trying to get him to understand what I wanted and tonight he did it!

Now if I could only teach him to take things and hold them in his mouth. Now THAT is a hard one lol!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Iz Sick. Go way...

"I iz sick. Go way"

Poor Nubs. I decided to try a new way of controlling fleas since for some unknown reason at this house, fleas are BAD. Then on top of fleas in general in this area being bad, Nubs already attracts them like flies to honey. So you can guess it's always an uphill battle at my house against the fleas and a very itchy Nubs.

I ended up doing some research on a newer flea med called Comfortis and I've heard nothing but great things about how it controls fleas. It sounded wonderful except for one small side effect, sometimes it causes the dogs stomach to get really upset tummy. Normally they are find the next day. Not poor Nubs.

Last night after he ate I gave him his pill and he was ok the whole night. This morning we get up and he's ok. He eats, poops, and then goes back to bed because what idiot gets up at 7am? Not Nubs that is for sure! When I came home after work, Nubs had puked in the living room. Then I heard that he had puked outside when my dad took him out. Then about an hour after I got home, he had puked again. Poor thing. I don't think I'll be using this one again. Back to Advantage I guess since Frontline is horrible. *sighs*

"U iz lucky u cooked me yummy chick'n and rice or I eat that box right out ur handz"

And for the few that didn't see the photo, I decided to grab a few of Nubs with his ribbons. This first one will be framed and placed on the wall. I LOVE how it turned out!

And then an outtake. Nubs is GREAT at outtakes!

But I got the photo I wanted!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nubs Earned his UWP!

Welcome UWP DM's Nutter Butter Nub CGC.

This weekend I took Nubs to the Mid West Weight Puller Club's Pull out in Leslie Michigan and to say it was a success is just putting it lightly. I am so proud of Nubs, I could scream. I honestly feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

First a quick rundown for anyone that is unfamiliar with Weight Pulling. There are 3 different types of pulls: Snow, Cart, and Rails and each has it's own differences. Snow pulls are the hardest since your pulling sleds on snowish-ice. Carts are the middle and depending on the type of track your pulling on depends on how well the dogs are going to do. Track pulls are like on railroad tracks and are the easiest to pull on and these pulls are where you get your massive weight pulled.

This weekend's event was a cart pull on dirt. I actually enjoy cart pulls because you get a more realistic view on what your dog can really pull if he would have to pull on a farm or in the back yard. Tracks are fun just so you can say "Yup, I have a dog that can pull (Insert some high amount here)" but for working on a farm or in your yard that's not going to help.

The last time Nubs did a cart pull, was his very first pull back in Sept. 09. He did just shy of 800lbs coming in second place beating a lot of seasoned pullers. I honestly didn't believe what everyone said about Nubs at this time. A few respected members of the weight pulling community told me that he had a lot of great potential but I wasn't sure. After this weekend, I believe everything that they said, and I am thrilled.

This weekend, Nubs completed his FIRST EVER UKC title UWP for Weight Pulling, and he did it with a BANG. Because of his troubles with his legs in the past few months I've held him back in pulling. Only pulling enough to count for his "legs" (what he needs to pull to earn points to get his title) and then taking him out. This weekend I let him go, and boy did he GO. On Saturday Nubs pulled 1,740lbs to pull in a first place finish for the 70lb class. He also ended up getting a "Most Weight Pulled in Division 2" and "Most Percentage Pulled" at 26.36% *Does happy dance*
Photo taken by my friend Amanda from the Michigan Classic in March.
Nubs Pulling

On Sunday Nubs blew me away. I didn't think the boy could do it again. I mean there is no way that he could surpass Saturday right? Right? HA! All I can say is Nubs ROCKS! He pulled in a Second Place finish at 1,920lbs! He could have done 2200lb but someone had to go potty and I didn't realize it until it was too late. He just wouldn't pull, but as soon as I walked him outside he dropped and had to go potty. Poor guy.

Nubs earned a good sleep for that pull!

So a new title, a first AND second place finish this weekend. It couldn't have been better. I'm just in shock that all of our practicing has done it's job with Nubs. He pulled so perfectly, just slow, head down, constant pressure in a straight line. I'm amazed, in shock, and so thrilled.

I'll say it again Nubs, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Look!

So I've been messing around with Photoshop and decided this blog needed a new look to it. I don't like this blog setup, but it at least allows full photos. I'll be messing around to see if I can find something else. Wish me good luck!

Now is the time where I need your help. Like the banner on top? No? Yes? Well here is you chance to give me some imput. Which do you like better?!?! If for some reason the photos are cut off, you should be able to click on them to go to see full images.



Nubs Banner copy

Cast your vote Anom. posting should be enabled otherwise send me a PM on DF, PBF, GP, or Facebook and let me know.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Odd Weekend

Well, it's a new week and I'm glad, but this past 3 days has been... well interesting.

On Easter I was out playing with Nubs with the Agility equipment, and look what wondered into my yard:
Sweetest little girl. Not scared of Nubs at all and put him in his place a few times. Agility practice was over since this kitten wasn't leaving, and Nubs was more interested in playing with the kitten then learning to walk on the teeter.


That night, the kitten was sitting on my doorstep crying to come in. There was a nasty little storm coming and I decided that if she was still there when it started she could come in. Well it started and she was still on my porch so she came inside. Nubs did great with her, avoided her and then tried to get her to play. She had no want to play with him, so I let her ride out the storm on my front porch. When it stopped, I let her back outside and I haven't seen her since. She was just a sweetheart though. Well fed and taken care of. I hope that she returned home before the next set of storms hit.

Monday was again Agility class, but this time Class wasn't anything special, before class is where the story was.

I took Nubs out on the scooter to calm him down before class. It was hot, but not too bad so off we went. I noticed when we got a little over half way that Nubs's toe that he ripped off on last Tuesday was showing signs of bleeding again so I decided to just walk the rest of the way home instead of riding on the scooter.

At one point we passed the annoying Golden Retriever that is left outside all the time that charges the fence and tries to scare you off. No big deal, Nubs knows that he can't get out and rarely blinks over it. We had just passed when out of no where this small Black Lab mix decides to dart across the street and start fence fighting with the Golden. I'm stuck since I really can't have Nubs running because of that nail like it is, and he's still attached to the scooter.

Quickly the Lab Mix, see's Nubs and run full stream toward us. I jump in between him and Nubs and give the dog a good shout "GET OUT OF HERE!" The dog darts between my legs and attacks Nubs who is trying to run away and dragging the scooter, which is now on it's side, behind him. I ended up giving the Black lab a good hard few kicks and send him running into the street with this look on his face like "Huh? What????" and I just stood my ground, rushed him and in a low growl told him to "GO AWAY". I guess I scared the pee out of the poor thing because you could see where the dog pee'd in the middle of the road. I felt horrible, but I couldn't let Nubs get hurt any worse.

Well, Nub's was 1 full week not limping and since that fight, he's back to limping. It makes me so MAD that people think it's ok to let their dog's run loose. This is the second time in the past week We've been approached by loose dogs. The first one I was able to get a good start to get away from before that dog even saw us. He still came after, but lost interest.

I know that the people who read blogs like this aren't the issues, but just a friendly reminder to keep your dogs on leash and in your sights at all times if they aren't!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Love Nubs the Easter Pit Bull!