Thursday, August 18, 2011

If It's Not One Leg, It's Another

Long time, no update.

This week I took Nubs and his new official sister Peanut out camping with my parents. Talk about a long few days. Nubs did great as always, Peanut was a bit of a spaz (Like puppies are). I love having a dog that can be off leash and never wonder off. Makes for a tad bit more enjoyable of a trip if you aren't spending ever 30 seconds untieing a dog from something they got wrapped around.

Sadly we ended up coming home a day early. Some how some way Nubs hurt his front paw meaning not only was he limping on the knee he had ACL surgery on (it never healed correctly :( ) but also on one of his front paws. Today it's better with not so much of a limp but if it's not one paw it's another. Nubs is falling apart at his young age of 4 1/2. Love my boy to death I really do but man I wish he had better genetics. This is why I honestly support only good, responsible, health testing breeders. If more people took the time to make sure they are only breeding genetically healthy dogs, Nubs wouldn't be in all this pain that he is in. So next time you look at your dog and think "man I'd love to breed my dog" remember there are genetic that you can't see that may cause issues in your dogs puppies. Just Spay or neuter your pets. Even Peanut will be spayed after her first heat.

Can you spot the puppy?


Ahhhh a nice place to lay down!



And the puppy again