Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Been an Exciting Month!

Well, not really.  Nothing is really exciting when it's below zero out (today it's in the 20's it's a heat wave!). Winter can move on any time now.

Earlier this month Peanut and I got an amazing opportunity to go try out for a K9 Search and Rescue team for our state.  Now this team normally doesn't accept new dogs over the age of 2, and if you can believe it she is already 3 1/2, so to even have the opportunity to try out was awesome.  Of course Peanut being Peanut does what she always does and blew their minds with her nose.

I tell you this dog is amazing and it blows my mind that she can do what she does.  She needs some work and a lot of brushing up but we were invited to join their team and will be their only trailing dog on a team on 20+ Air Scent and Human Remains Detection (HRD) dogs.  Seems like  Tracking/Trailing dogs are rare in Michigan which is a shame.  Yes Police K9's can track but unless taught they aren't scent specific but normally only follow the newest scent.  Their skills are perfect for following someone who recently robbed a bank or made a dash out of a car on a traffic stop but a scent specific dog does better in large crowds and in areas where there is a lot of traffic.

So here we start a new chapter in our Search and Rescue career.  Go Team Peanut!