Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From Peanut the Rotten, Saint Nubs, and the slightly crazy Cindy!











Sunday, December 9, 2012

Congratulations Peanut!!!

In December of 2011 I took a basic obedience class with Peanut in the hopes of getting her Canine Good Citizen's certification.  She failed miserably.  I mean it was so bad, I never even spoke of it. I was that embarrassed.

See, I started doing Nose-working class on one night a week along with the Obedience class on another night of the week and one of the rules of Nose-working class is you do not do any obedience to the working area, which was in the same building as the Obedience class.  You take a 8 month old puppy to a class that she LOVES (Nose-working) and give her no rules?  Yeah you can guess what started happening.  She didn't just blow her first CGC test, she blew it with only the style that Peanut can.  She knocked over the "stranger" while they attempted to brush her (and gave her so many kisses), play bowed at the strange dog, got zoomies on the loose leash part of the test, and ended up yanking the leash so hard at one point, it almost broke my finger.

Now she had never behaved like this EVER before.  I was so angry that I never spoke about it again.  Had I taken the CGC test at another location where the Nose-working class was NOT held, she would have passed it with flying colors.  I think that's why I will never take another Nose-working class again.  Some dogs NEED rules and Peanut is one of them.  Nubs?  He'd be just fine, but Peanut is really an over the top dog that if she gets an inch, she'll take a mile.

In the middle of November 2012 I got the chance to head out with a friend of mine who happens to also be a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Peanut got a second shot at the test and passed with flying colors.
Congratulations Ms. Peanut!!!

Here are some more photos from the day which included a 7 mile long hike out at our local state park..  Special thanks to Wolf Moon Kennels for allowing me to use these photos!
Left to right: Peanut, Lyric, Ryker, Mika, Luna

Peanut wasn't too keen about being so close to so many "strange" dogs.  She still held her stay, but made she she had her "safety bubble" intact.  

Someone was a little excited to go visit the water.  This is my favorite photo of the day!

"Are you coming???" 
Showing off her off leash skills!

What a Beautiful girl!

I think someone is begging a bit.