Sunday, August 2, 2015

Worst Vet EVER

Thursday morning I woke up to not find Peanut in my bed.  Peanut has slept with me for the past two years and not once have I ever awoken to find her not trying to sleep on top of me.  I found her on the couch and instantly I knew something wasn't right.  She just didn't look good.  She ate breakfast fine, but really slowly, went outside to go potty, but when I went to give her some of her allergy pills, she refused to eat the peanut butter. My dogs have never refused peanut butter, however she took a treat just fine right after that.  

I decided to have my sister come over and check on her a few times through out the day while I was at work, hoping by the time I got home, she'd be better.  I got a few texts through out the day saying she was doing OK and that she was not herself but not doing bad.  When I came home, things had changed.

My dad lets the dogs out in the late afternoon and was waiting for me as soon as I pulled into my driveway.  "You have a very sick dog.  You need to get her to the vet."  My stomach sank.

Peanut was in Nubs crate, not really moving.  She didn't even acknowledge me when I reached down and started petting her.  I called my vet, which had already closed, then called my dreaded backup vet because they have later hours then my vet.  We got right in.  As soon as Peanut heard her leash and collar come out, she perked up a little, came out of the cage and was happy to walk to the car for a ride.

By the time we got to the vet she had perked up, but she still wasn't "Peanut Perky".  The over the top "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!! HHHHIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" that I expect to see from her.  For a normal dog she looked fine, but I know this wasn't her, and I was really concerned.  I ended up getting the worst vet at the practice,  a female vet who doesn't listen and has about the worst attitude I've ever dealt with.  She didn't beleive me that Peanut was sick, decided to just think it was Heartworms for some unknown reason, and flat out decided I was just a horrible dog owner in general.  I hate that woman.  I demanded her do some lab tests and she said she would if I paid for a Heartworm test.  Peanut was due for it anyways so I agreed and I could just see the smirk on her face.  I took Peanut home with no answers but I did get some antibiotics and a steroid to help with a sore spot on her back (which I didn't see) and to help with a rash on her belly that she always gets.

The next day I waited on pins and needles to get the results back.  By 11am I still hadn't recived a call, when I knew the results would be back by 7am, I called the vet to make sure they did get the results and to see if they would send me a copy of the results so I could get a second opinion from my vet.  Because the vet hadn't looked at the results yet they refused to tell me anything and refused to send them to me.  I called back around 1pm, and still the Vet hadn't taken a look at the labs at all.  I go there at 5pm, already angry because I couldn't get the results in time to call my Vet to get his opinion, and when I asked for the results, I get the run around.  That damn vet STILL hadn't looked at the results.  Finally I demanded the results and sure enough her HCT, HGB, and Neutophils were all high.  I demanded to see that vet.

After waiting an half an hour (which was no big deal to me in all honestly) I get taken back to the room so I can speak to the Vet about what was going on with my dog.  Peanut had perked up a little but still wasn't herself.  The Vet walks in with an attitude.  After me questioning her about the results and why they hadn't been reviewed and why I hadn't been told that her results were not normal I get told "I don't know if you've seen the waiting room or not but I've had more important things to do then to look at your dog's lab results".  Yes, that is word for word what she said to me.

Now if she came in and said "I'm sorry.  We have been super swamped and I haven't gotten a chance to even eat today" or something along those lines I would have instantly been alright with everything.  Do not however, tell me that my dog is not important, more so when she's a sick dog and I don't know what's going on with her.  I just recently had a friend lose a dog to a heart attack who otherwise was a completely, 100% healthy dog.  I am terrified about losing her.

I still did not find out what the problem was with Peanut.  Monday I'm calling my vet to speak with him and ask his opinion on it all.  She's acting better today (Sunday) but she's still off.  She's playing, causing mischief, and running around but she's still just "off".  Hopefully it's the steroids.   

So if you are in Michigan, use Dickman Road Vet clinic in Battle Creek at your own risk.  This is the same vet that messed up Nubs knee's and flat out lied to me about their vets abilities.  Next time  I'm taking my dogs to the nearest Emergency Clinic and just pay the extreme fee's so at least I know my dogs are being properly taken care of.  

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