Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dog Bites, We Lose!

As a Pit Bull owner, dog bites are a huge concern to me. One even half snap and I have a dead dog. I've worked hard to have dogs that can take most anything thrown at them and not react in an aggressive way. It has taken a lot of training, but it shows when I'm out with the dogs.

Last night was National Night Out. It's a program that is put on by local law enforcement and normally the store Target has a lot to do with it. It's like a big party. You bring the kids, let them meet local police, have food, games, meet some other local government/law enforcement agencies. It's a ton of fun. I've gone the last 4 years with Peanut and every year I have a story that I come home with. This year is no different.

I had one child, around 6 or 7 with his Parents come up to me and talk about what Peanut does and how she's a good dog. A few weeks ago he was nipped at by a neighbor's dog and had been scared since. It took a little bit of his mom and dad petting her and a few other kids but he got the nerve finally and gave her a nice pat.

The smile that replaced the anxiety on his face was priceless. It warmed the hearts of everyone around.

However, the amount of children with no dog manners was astounding. I understand toddlers with no manners but these were kids 5 to 14! One little girl ran up to Peanut and just hugged her. Peanut moved away and she moved closer and tried to give her another hug. I quickly stopped her and explained that what she was doing was in dog language, asking to fight with Peanut. She was shocked and had no idea. She was 10. So many children came up to us yelling, jumping around, moving fast, even invading her space even after I asked them not to.  So many kids tossing her food, trying to pet her as she was drinking, teasing her, slapping her on the head, and even stomping on the poor girls tail!

After last night, I'm shocked we don't have MORE dog bites with children!

Parents, please take some time and actually correctly teach your children how to interact with dogs. For their own safety. Dogs are just animals. They are highly domesticated animals with so much tolerance for human error, but every dog, even Lassie, has their bragging point.

Take a look at this URL for great information on what to teach your children. Dog bites are preventable, but it is not something we learn naturally.  Take the time to teach your kids, even kids around you, the correct way to interact with dogs.  Peanut and I thank you for that!

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